Mobile First | Responsive Web Design

As the name suggests, a mobile first design starts from the smallest screen and moves up towards the bigger ones.

In the past, web designers prioritized desktop and only optimized their projects for mobile as a secondary need. Even in the current age, where most users are on mobile, designers still approach projects with the desktop in mind before thinking mobile.

But why think “mobile first”? Is i a better or alternative strategy?

The web landscape is becoming more complex by the day which presents a need for designers to present solid web experiences to a growing number of contexts. Responsive web design is more than just screen size; it has major implications on the content we share and how we present it to the user. For instance, a mobile view leans more on the linear layout model which then forces you to present the most important content at the top followed by the rest. This view does not allow a side by side presentation of content as seen on desktop. With that in mind, it always becomes easier to scale up towards bigger screens. This approach allows you to create practical layouts for different screen sizes and significantly improve user experience.