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SpaceBridge Ventures is an award-winning, full-service Creative Agency providing quality branding, graphic & web design, mobile app development, marketing & advertising as well as creative services.  We are based in Nairobi, Kenya.

We specialize in brand development, product design, online User Experience development and e-Marketing solutions, for B2C and B2B clients.

SpaceBridge can provide your business with creative and strategic services to take you to the next level as a brand.


• Passion

We take each and every one of our clients seriously and greatly endeavor to deliver their job complete as instructed and well before the deadline.

• Creativity

Our team of talented creatives and think-tanks take time to engage in brain storming sessions to ensure every scope of the clients’ job description is checked and dealt with before embarking on the task ahead. This ensures a flow of creative ideas from various reliable sources that ends up delivering more than the client expected.

• Quality

The quality of our work speaks for itself! Our team has won various accolades and awards from clients and stakeholders for delivering splendid jobs. This is besides the awesome handling by our overly friendly and accommodative team.

Benefits of working with us

Increased visibility. Gain real traction and tangible results.

Stronger message. We focus on your core strengths for better branding and increased sales.

Responsive service. Our team goes to extraordinary lengths to help you achieve your goals.

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